Helping you understand best practices in designing for compliance & reliability to help you develop, improve and maintain quality products, components and systems.

As technology grows, laws and regulations defining product compliance constantly change. Manufacturers, retailers and suppliers are pressed to innovate quickly in order to create and ensure compliant products.

Regulations governing product compliance worldwide, evolve to ensure that products do not represent harm or hazards to users and will perform as intended according to applicable standards. Implementing practices that address compliance considerations throughout the design phase can minimize design errors, reduce time to market and reduce costs prior to product release.

In this seminar, we’ll discuss planning for compliance testing early in the design stage of product development, processes and procedures for product compliance certification, component & supplier selection, product markings and documentation as well as design for reliability best practices. Testing and design experts from Met laboratories, DFR Solutions, and Keysight Technologies will present the needs for designing for compliance and reliability.

The Biltmore Hotel | 2151 Laurelwood Rd | Santa Clara, CA 95054

What You’ll Learn

At the 2017 Design for Compliance and Reliability Seminar in Santa Clara, CA industry leading experts will discuss compliance challenges facing electrical product manufacturers and how to ensure product quality and compliance through implementing practices that address critical compliance considerations in the design phase of product development.

During this one-day seminar you’ll meet testing and design experts in product safety, electromagnetic compatibility, reliability, electronic measurement solutions and more.


08:30am – 09:30am
Registration/Continental Breakfast
09:30am – 09:35am
9:35am – 10:30am
Product Safety Risk Management
10:30am – 10:45am
10:45am – 11:15am
Product safety design in the early product development phase
11:15am – 11:45am
Tailoring environmental design and test limits to lifecycle
Ambient environments and interactions with equipment
12:00am – 01:00pm
01:00pm – 02:00pm
EMC/EMI Design Guidelines:
Design Considerations, Common Failures, and Debug Techniques
02:00pm – 02:25pm
Design and Manufacturing Considerations to prevent Failures and Explosions for Your Battery Powered Electronics
02:45pm – 3:00pm
03:00pm – 03:30pm
Design for Reliability:
Benchmarking to Best Practices
03:30pm – 04:00pm
Q & A Session
04:00pm – 05:00pm

About the Presenters

MET Laboratories

25+ years ago, we broke the UL monopoly for product safety testing and certification in the United States. Today, MET is the global service leader for product safety approvals and regulatory certification of electrical products — With facilities, accreditations, and over 50 years of experience to get your products approved and to market faster. MET Labs is the preferred one-stop-shop for EMC, environmental, and safety testing and certification. MET-accredited categories include consumer products, information technology and telecommunications products including NEBS equipment, medical devices, and equipment designed for hazardous locations.

DfR Solutions

DfR Solutions is the leader in quality, reliability and durability solutions for the electronics industry. We support clients throughout the electronic component and material supply chain, and across a wide range of electronic technology markets including: avionics & aerospace, automotive, consumer, industrial, medical, military, solar and telecommunications.

Our innovative automated design analysis software and industry expertise maximize and accelerate product design for reliability and development, helping clients save time, manage resources and improve customer satisfaction.

Keysight Technologies

Keysight Technologies Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) is the world’s leading electronic measurement company, transforming today’s measurement experience through innovations in wireless, modular, and software solutions. With its HP and Agilent legacy, Keysight delivers solutions in wireless communications, aerospace and defense and semiconductor markets with world-class platforms, software and consistent measurement science.