Global industry leads the way to the future.

All markets need effective tools for navigating not only complex but constantly changing domestic and global regulations for product compliance.

From individual components, subsystems, and entire systems; unique compliance topics at the Global Compliance Seminar include Product Safety compliance, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Designing for Compliance, Global Market Access, Ruggedized product development , EMC/EMI Design Guidelines: Design Considerations, Common Failures, and Debug Techniques and more.

At the 2017 Global Compliance Seminar, you get a complete picture of each compliance system as they apply to your products all under one roof.

Why Attend

In a world of regulatory complexity, knowledge empowers. Gain exclusive access to MET subject matter experts & engineers, take a tour of the MET Labs facility, and obtain critical insights and expert advice into new standards, regulations, as well as important trends.

The Global Compliance Seminar explores various industries’ needs for effective market access in the US and worldwide with presentation from subject matter experts and the comfort of great food.

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