MET’s thorough knowledge of industry performance and national safety standards, combined with extensive global testing and certification resources, allows you to get your product on the market in a timely and cost-effective way.

MET provides:

  • Full range of performance testing including functionality, energy efficiency, durability, reliability, and more
  • Full range of performance tests to many FDA Guidance Documents, AAMI and ANSI standards
  • Special tests to establish and/or validate claims on new medical devices
  • Unique testing facilities for many special medical devices including: electro-surgical devices, ultrasound equipment, electric wheelchairs and many more
  • Litigation support testing, expert witness

Additional advantages to using MET Laboratories:

  • 24 hour start for critical projects
  • Real-time on-line project tracking
  • Extensive knowledge of FDA requirements and procedures
  • Less than one hour drive from FDA headquarters, for conducting face-to-face meetings and helping to expedite a clearance