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Bringing electrical and electronic products to market in different countries is complicated. Our experts provide guidance on the compliance requirements and approval strategy for certification in key markets. Along with a network of partners across the globe, Eurofins E&E North America has 9 international labs and a homologations team dedicated to global market access, to get your products certified for different economies.

Our reputation for excellence has been earned by diligent involvement in the development of international standards and test methodologies. We have a strong history of working with domestic and international committees to establish Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs) in any area our customers require compliance.

Eurofins can provide nearly all types of electrical testing and certification necessary for the global marketplace. Our accreditations, partnerships, and experience in global regulatory matters positions Eurofins perfectly to take you through the regulatory maze of EMC, Safety, Telecom, Wireless, and other tests.


What is Global Market Access?

Global Market Access is the concept behind identifying and entering target marketplaces in which to sell your product. Global market access is made challenging for manufacturers due to non-harmonized standards, which mean that a single product may have multiple sets of regulatory requirements depending on the intended market of sale. Standards used in Asian markets will differ from those used in Europe, and differ again from those used in North America.

Global market access is achieved by meeting regional requirements in your intended country of sale. By designing a product to meet multiple sets of regional requirements or by designing separate product models for various regions, manufacturers can develop products that are compliant to the applicable regional market regulatory standards.