380 vDC Promo Offering

380 vDC Promo Offering

Thank You: 380vDC Webinar Promotion

Thank you for your interest in a refundable pre-compliance evaluation for your data center power supply. By claiming this promotion, you are eligible to perform a pre-compliance testing program to verify Protective Device Operational Transients within your power supply. Upon your final compliance evaluation, we will refund the costs of your pre-compliance testing.

To claim your promotion, complete the form found at the bottom of the page to tell us about your product. A representative will contact you to schedule your project and provide additional information related to your request.

Promotion Conditions:
  • Refund will be applied during the final compliance evaluation; pre-testing costs will be credited towards this project.
  • Pre-testing is only for Protective Device Operational Transients.
  • Pre-testing credit can only be applied to a compliance project for the pre-tested equipment
  • Up to 15% of costs of the final compliance evaluation can be discounted
  • Purchase orders for pre-compliance testing must be submitted by July 15th, 2018 to maintain discount eligibility.

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