Last month, MET Labs attended a CTIA Battery Certification Program meeting in San Antonio, Texas.  The agenda included a review and update of the certification program documents (CRD, PMD, CRSL).  There was also a discussion to expand the program to include battery life testing.  In attendance were all the system vendors, CTIA-Approved Test Labs (CATLs) and carriers such as Verizon and AT&T.

Some of the key updates made in the Certification Documents were:

  1. The manufacturing location as well as the entity controlling the design of the battery shall both meet the ISO 9000 requirements.
  2. System or cell operating outside its temperature or voltage range shall be shut down and not allow 911 calls.
  3. CTIA will adopt  the definition of coin cells in UN 38.3 to define the appropriate battery chemistries that can be considered under IEEE 1725.
  4. Adapters shall be compliant with USB-IF Battery Charging Specification Rev 1.2 and OMTP1.1 to avoid compatibility issues (and slow charging rates) between different OEM chargers and devices. 
  5. Burr control will be harmonized in CRDs for both IEEE 1625 & 1725.
  6. Battery identification is required for both embedded and user-replaceable battery packs.
  7. Battery packs installed in its host and normal application of the device is above head level, the drop height shall be 1500mm; for all others the drop height shall be 1000mm.

There was also a proposal to include battery life testing mainly for smart phones. The proposal included creating a working group to develop an accurate battery life test standard for smart phones that will cover the following parameters:

  • User profile
  • Network settings
  • Device settings

Read more about the CTIA Battery Certification Program in this previous post.

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