Complaints | Appeals

Complaints | Appeals

We appreciate all the feedback we get from our customers.

To communicate a quality comment or complaint, please send an email to All complaints are acknowledged, logged, documented, and thoroughly investigated by an impartial investigator. We will provide a timely resolution to address your concerns.

For appeals, please provide the following information via certified mail, with a return receipt requested:

  • The name of the product in question, serial number, product code, manufacturer and any other descriptions or specifics that will assure proper identification of the product
  • The point in question for the appeal
  • Specific documentation deemed relevant to substantiate the issue in question
  • Any specific standards in question, and their origin
  • The relationship of the appealing party and the client

Appeals should be mailed to:

Eurofins Electrical and Electronic Testing NA Inc.
914 W. Patapsco Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21230
ATTN: Quality Department