Do you supply IT or multimedia (MME) equipment into Europe? To comply with EMC Directive 2004/108/EC, new harmonized emission and immunity standards are being added to the EU’s Official Journal (OJ), making them available for demonstrating conformity with the essential requirements of the directive.

Note: Due to the convergence of technologies, the EMC standards for audio/studio equipment and broadcast receivers (and associated equipment) are being merged with information technology equipment into a single standard.

Emissions: EN55032 (CISPR32)
For emissions, EN55032 replaces EN55022 (IT equipment), EN55013 (broadcast receivers and associated equipment) and EN55103 (audio & studio equipment).  EN55032 was approved in December 2012 and consists of CISPR32+A1+A2. It has officially been added to the OJ – meaning it can now be used by manufacturers – with a transition period until March 2017. 

Apart from the power disturbance measurement, which is no longer permitted, all the other limit values and measurement procedures remain broadly unchanged.

Immunity: EN55035 (CISPR35)
For immunity, EN55035 will replace EN55024 (IT equipment), EN55020 (broadcast receivers) and EN55103 (audio & studio equipment).  EN55035 has not yet been added to the OJ and cannot be used by manufacturers – it is expected to enter into force within the next year with a transition period until 2017.

Something to look forward to: Multiple measurements for multifunctional devices will no longer be necessary in EN55035.

MET Labs has tested thousands of products to support CE marking declarations of conformity.  MET can test to the new EN55032 or any of the older, still-in-service standards.  Contact us today to find out which is the best standard to use in a test program for your products.

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