EN 55032 is a specific EMC product standard covering EMC compliance testing of Multimedia Equipment (MME) and replaces several other product standards which will soon cease to give presumption of conformity. This new standard will become effective as a harmonized emission standard in compliance with EMC Directive 2014/30/EU

The standard was approved in 2012, was subsequently published in the European Union Journal, and following March 5, 2017 will completely supersede a number of emission testing standards for CE declaration of conformity.

What standards are being replaced with EN 55032?

EN 55032:2012 replaces several currently accepted EU/CE product standards. The three product standards being phased out and replaced are EN 55022, EN 55013, and EN 5103-1. On March 5 2017, EN 55013, EN 55022 and EN 55103-1 will no longer give presumption of conformity. Any product that was previously tested under EN 55013, EN 55022 or EN 55103-1 that is shipping into the EU after March 2, 2017 must meet the requirements of EN 55032:2012.

What products/product categories are affected?

EN 55032 applies to mul­ti­me­dia equip­ment (MME) hav­ing a rated r.m.s. AC or DC sup­ply volt­age not exceed­ing 600 V. Multimedia equipment (MME) is defined as Information technology equipment (ITE), audio equipment, video equipment, broadcast receiver equipment, entertainment lighting control equipment or a combination of these that have been previously tested within the scope of EN 55013, EN 55022 or EN 55103-1, and that will ship into the European Union after March 5th, 2017.

  • EN 55022 covers EMC emissions requirements for information technology equipment (ITE).
  • EN 55013 covers EMC emissions requirements for sound and television broadcast receivers and associated equipment.
  • EN 55103-1 covers EMC emissions requirements for professional audio, video, audio-visual, and entertainment lighting control equipment for professional use.

Mul­ti­me­dia equip­ment (MME):

  • Infor­ma­tion tech­nol­ogy equip­ment –equip­ment hav­ing a pri­mary func­tion of entry, stor­age, dis­play, retrieval, trans­mis­sion, pro­cess­ing, switch­ing, or con­trol of data and/​or telecom­mu­ni­ca­tion mes­sages and which may be equipped with one or more ports typ­i­cally for infor­ma­tion trans­fer. (Office machines, elec­tronic busi­ness equip­ment and telecom­mu­ni­ca­tion equip­ment.)
  • Audio equip­ment –equip­ment which has a pri­mary func­tion of gen­er­a­tion, input, stor­age, play, retrieval, trans­mis­sion, recep­tion, ampli­fi­ca­tion, pro­cess­ing, switch­ing or con­trol of audio sig­nals. (CD play­ers, receivers, audio ampli­fiers, mix­ers.)
  • Video equip­ment –equip­ment which has a pri­mary func­tion of gen­er­a­tion, input, stor­age, dis­play, play, retrieval, trans­mis­sion, recep­tion, ampli­fi­ca­tion, pro­cess­ing, switch­ing, or con­trol of video sig­nals. (Video play­ers, cam­eras, TV stu­dio equip­ment.)
  • Broad­cast receiver equip­ment –equip­ment con­tain­ing a tuner that is intended for the recep­tion of broad­cast ser­vices. (Tele­vi­sion and radio ser­vice receivers, ter­res­trial broad­cast receivers.)
  • Satel­lite broad­cast and/​or cable trans­mis­sion equip­ment
  • Entertainment light­ing con­trol equip­ment–equip­ment gen­er­at­ing or pro­cess­ing elec­tri­cal sig­nals for con­trol­ling the inten­sity, color, nature or direc­tion of the light from a lumi­naire, where the inten­tion is to cre­ate artis­tic effects in the­atri­cal, tele­vi­sual or musi­cal pro­duc­tions and visual pre­sen­ta­tions

Once enforced, what impact will EN55032 have on products certified to EN55022, EN55013, and EN55103-1 standards?

On March 5, 2017, EN55013, EN55022, and EN55103-1 will be withdrawn in favor of EN55032. Following March 5, 2017, they will cease to give presumption of conformity, meaning products that will be sold after this date should now be testing to EN55032. EN 55032 places an increased attention on interface ports, port type and cable options (possible lengths of cables and the type of signals on each port).

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