The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) 2011 Technical Forum and Annual Meeting was March 28 – April 4, 2011.  MET Laboratories was in attendance. 

Following is a summary of one element of the forum – the ENERGY STAR Program Meeting – as recorded by MET’s ENERGY STAR Program Manager Sam Tetteh.

  • A2LA will conduct ISO 17025 accreditation for Test Labs and ISO Guide 65 for Certification Bodies (CBs)
  • A2LA must operate in accordance with ISO 17011, and be an ILAC MRA Signatory
  • A2LA must provide to EPA, upon request, documentation relating to a laboratory’s accreditation status and assessments
  • A2LA must assess a laboratory’s evidence of impartiality:

– The laboratory staff must show evidence of participating in, and passing, ethics audits

– Laboratories must have a “whistleblower” policy/procedure/program which should instruct whistleblowers to contact the EPA as well as other pertinent parties

  • Assessment Documentation must be kept for a minimum of 5 years
  • Test Labs must maintain impartiality of testing staff from all inside and outside influences
  • Test Labs must participate in proficiency testing (PT) when pertinent and available and submit results to EPA (currently there is no known commercial PT available)
  • Test Labs must report within 30 days to EPA and Accrediting Body of any major changes to staff (essential or key personnel), facilities, procedures, or legal status
  • CBs must maintain test reports for certified products for 5 years, or for duration of certification, whichever is longer

The Meeting’s minutes will posted in a couple weeks on the A2LA website.

More about ENERGY STAR testing and certification.

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