LNEMET Labs was fortunate to have the opportunity recently to host U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ENERGY STAR Product Manager Verena Radulovic, who gave a talk on the ENERGY STAR Product Certification Scheme.

Here are a few key points from her presentation:

The ENERGY STAR program is a big success.  87% of households recognize the ENERGY STAR label.  And the reduction in the average power consumption of products in ENERGY STAR categories is significant (see the accompanying TV example).

About 6% of ENERGY STAR qualified products fail verification testing.  In 2014, 2,070 products were verification tested, and 122 products were disqualified.  The most common disqualifications were CFLs (33), luminaires (30), and ventilating fans (23).

The ENERGY STAR program is growing.  New product categories being introduced in 2015 and 2016 include:

  • Commercial coffee makers
  • Large network equipment (LNE)
  • Lab-grade refrigerators
  • Medical imaging
  • Electric vehicle supply equipment
  • Medium voltage distribution transformers

MET is hosting a complimentary Large Network Equipment Talk & Reception in Santa Clara, California next week.  If you or a colleague are interested in learning about new testing requirements for LNE and similar equipment, register for free here.

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