With the completion of the lighting track at the ENERGY STAR Partner Meeting in Denver, CO, the attention turned yesterday to appliances and electronics. 

Here is a summary of the Electronics Product Update, provided by Katherine Kaplan of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Consumer electronics and IT equipment now accounts for over 30% of energy savings from the ENERGY STAR program.  Power management in computers, alone, saves consumers up to $50/year.

Today, there are 14 unique electronic & IT product specifications that have seen a total of 51 revisions.  2011 will be the busiest year ever, with 9 revisions, 3 new products, and 5 scoping efforts underway.

Set top boxes (v 3.0) – Draft 2 distributed 9-21-10
Game consoles (v 1.0) – Development restarted October 2010
Televisions (v 5.1) – An earlier effective date is being considered
Telephony (v 3.0) – Will launch 1st quarter 2011 – adding IP phones is being considered
Imaging (v 2.0)
Displays (v 5.0)
Battery chargers (v 2.0) – Draft 1 is due in November
Computer servers (v 2.0) – Draft 2 in progress
Computers (v 6.0) – Launch October/November 2011

New Products
Data center storage (v 1.0) – Draft 2 in development
Uninterruptable power supply (v 1.0) – Draft 1 in progress
Small network equipment (v 1.0) – Draft 1 in development

Scoping Plans
Home storage
Large network equipment (for data centers)
Data center cooling
Home energy monitors/controls

Program Sunsets – 12-31-10
External power supplies & end use products – these products are now routinely energy efficient
Digital to analog converters (DTAs) – not being sold anymore

Other General ENERGY STAR Updates

Currently qualified products do not have to be retested per the Enhanced Testing & Verification Program.  As specs are revised, products will need to be tested per new requirements.  There are planned revisions for 27 out of 63 product categories in 2011.  Once the specification is revised, manufacturers will have 9 months to transition collateral material.

By the end of November, EPA will announce its list of approved Labs (43 applications under review) and Certification Bodies (5 applications under review).

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