Eurofins E&E North America Industry Canada Accreditation

Eurofins E&E North America Industry Canada Accreditation

Quality, informed EMC testing is vital to the success of your product regardless of its destination market. However, if your product is destined for the Canadian market, then you need an  EMC/EMI testing lab that is Industry Canada Accredited. Eurofins E&E North America is the partner you need. 

As the first NRTL and the Fastest EMC Testing Lab on the East Coast™  you can be certain that our experts can help you take your product to virtually any global market. 

We offer streamlined testing processes which will assist you in bringing your device from the early development stages to end use efficiently in full accordance with industry, military, government, and regulatory standards. Our labs are outfitted with state-of-the-art testing equipment operated by experienced, highly trained technicians and overseen by qualified EMC engineers.

Industry Canada Accreditation

As part of our commitment to global market access, Eurofins E&E North America is an Industry Canada accredited lab and, as such, we offer testing and certifications for Standards Council of Canada CB for Product Safety, Industry Canada Telecommunication Terminal Equipment Registration, Industry Canada CB for Category 1 Radio Equipment, and Measurement Canada Re-Approval of Electricity Meters. We also serve as a Certification Body for Natural Resources Canada for Energy Efficiency.

Product Safety Standards

Eurofins has been accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) as a Certification Body for product safety certification. With this certification, we can provide all required testing, follow-up inspections, and labeling that is currently required to sell electrical products in Canada.

Telecommunications Compliance

Eurofins has also been licensed by Industry Canada for telecommunication terminal equipment registration. As such, we can perform all required equipment testing (including CS-03 Analog, Digital, xDSL) and application submittal that Industry Canada requires.

Radio Compliance

Eurofins is recognized by Industry Canada to act as a CB for Category 1 radio equipment. We have an official notice from NIST of its recognition by Industry Canada to act as a certification body to approve equipment under Appendix C, Phase II of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Tel MRA. This particular designation covers equipment subject to the conditions specified for telecommunication equipment in the Canadian document CB-02.  Manufacturers of Category 1 radio equipment can rely on Eurofins for Canadian certification requirements. Keep in mind that Canada considers all receivers that tune between 30MHz and 960MHz as Category I radio equipment and therefore requires certification of more receivers than does the FCC.  

Metering Measurement Compliance

Eurofin is the first organization to ever receive recognition from Measurement Canada to test previously approved electricity meters which have been modified and thus require re-certification. The scope of this recognition includes electricity meters for Measurement Canada’s approval process, as required by LMB-EG-07, Specifications for Approval of Type of Electricity Meters, Instrument Transformers and Auxiliary Devices.

Energy Efficiency Testing

As more governing bodies across the world begin to recognize the importance of environmental responsibility, energy efficiency is becoming a strong emphasis in certain types of electronic/electrical device testing and compliance. Eurofins tests and certifies products to energy efficiency requirements for Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and serves as a Certification Body for NRCan.