As of September 2013, the Mexican telecommunications agency, the Federal Telecommunications Commission (COFETEL), has been replaced by IFETEL (Federal Institute of Telecommunications).  IFETEL will be in charge of the Mexico telecom type approval processes for all equipment requiring testing for importation into Mexico.  COFETEL will no longer exist. 

IFETEL’s responsibilities will include:

  • Define the radiofrequency bands to be used for telecommunications and broadcasting that can be utilized by concessionaries
  • Grant concessions and approve any concessions transfers
  • Issue/update regulations for the telecom industry
  • Identify and regulate monopolies

For Mexico telecom type approvals completed thru COFETEL, IFETEL will grandfather the products, retaining the same numbering system and the same homologation approval certificate numbers.

Moving forward, all products approved under the IFETEL Scheme should be labeled as follows:

  • For products with on-board/integrated radios: “IFETEL: xxxxxxxxxxxxx”
  • For host products containing approved modules: “This product contains an Approved module, Model No. xxxx, IFETEL No. xxxxxxxxxxxxx”

Mexico’s NOM-121 requirements and testing for radiofrequency equipment utilizing 900MHz, 2.4GHZ, and 5GHz will remain the same until IFETEL releases their new procedures and requirements, which are expected soon.

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