Equipment2Starting November 17, 2017, all audio, video, and similar electronic apparatus bound for Europe must meet the safety requirements of the 8th edition of EN 60065, published in 2014.

EN 60065:2002+A1:2006 +A11:2008+A2:2010 +A12:2011 will cease to be valid as of the November 17, 2017 date of withdrawal (DOW). All existing certificates must be updated to EN 60065:2014 before that time.

The new EN 60065:2014 standard is harmonized according to the R&TTE Directive (1999/5/EC), Low Voltage Directive (2006/95/EC) and General Product Safety Directive (2001/95/EC). Audio/video products within the scope of the RTTED or LVD directives must be in compliance with the standard in order to carry the CE mark.

Products found to be out of compliance might face a sales ban or financial penalties levied by European authorities.

EN 60065:2014 applies to electronic apparatus designed to be powered from mains, supply apparatus, batteries, or remote power feeds and intended for the reception, generation, recording, or reproduction of audio, video and associated signals. This standard primarily concerns apparatus intended for household and similar general use, although professional apparatus is also covered, unless falling specifically within the scope of other standards.

The principal changes in this 8th edition as compared with the 7th edition are:

  • New requirements for coin/button cell batteries and portable secondary sealed cells and batteries (other than button)
  • Addition of requirements for LEDs
  • Requirements for creepage distances are aligned with IEC 60950-1
  • Change in optocoupler requirements
  • New requirements for wall and ceiling mounting means
  • New requirements for non-floor standing televisions likely to be used in the home and weighing over 7 kg

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