For a manufacturer looking to add Taiwan to its information technology equipment homologations program, a BSMI approval is required.  Therefore, testing supplemental to typical IEC 60950 certification is necessary.

Standard compliance with IEC 60950 allows for the waiver of testing of I/O ports if they are sourced from a SELV (safety extra low-voltage) and/or power limited circuit. Most data and communication ports, like USB, video, and Ethernet, are sourced from these type of circuits.  IEC 60950 says there is no need to prove via testing what is confirmed by engineering evaluation.

From BSMI’s perspective, they never know if and how the end user will misuse and connect improper devices to these ports, so they assume the worst case scenario and require all I/O ports be tested.  BSMI references standard CNS 14336 for this.

Another important note: The power supply will also require additional testing if it doesn’t already have BSMI certification.  The end product manufacturer should:

  • Request the BSMI certificate from the power supply vendor/manufacturer
  • If this is not available, request the power supply vendor/manufacturer to submit an amended CB scheme report covering the additional testing

MET Labs is experienced in helping major IT equipment manufacturers with their international approvals and global homologations programs.  Contact us for a free quote, or submit a question to Pat, our electrical product compliance expert.

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