On February 15, 2013 the national Russian certification system GOST R and national Russian technical regulation “On Safety of Machinery Equipment” (Russian government order N 753 of September 15, 2009) were withdrawn. 

Simultaneously, the new Customs Union Technical Regulation (CU TR) for most electrical products was enforced in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Earlier issued GOST R certificates will be valid until March 15, 2015.  After that, the new EAC mark must be used.

There are a number of changes in the CU TR for manufacturers of mass-produced products.  Here are a couple of the most significant:

  • The certification applicant must have a formal relationship (contract) with a Russian representative legal entity.  With GOST, this was not required.
  • Mandatory factory audits are performed by a Russian certification body.  With GOST, a test lab could do this.

Following is a list of new Customs Union Technical Regulations for electrical products (all in Russian):

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2 Comments on Russia GOST R Replaced by Customs Union Technical Regulation

  1. Gordhan Hingorani Gordhan Hingorani

    How can we get the full list of Low Voltage products, in english, subjected to this new rgulation?

    • admin admin

      There is no list – just general criteria shown in LVE regulation. It’s very similar to EU approach.

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