We received so much positive feedback on our blog posts for EMC Compliance Links and Product Safety Compliance Links, that we decided to dedicate a post to spotlight the top blogs for electrical product developers. 

With a few exceptions, these blogs are from independent sources, like industry associations, publishers or consultants. What are we missing? Leave a comment with a link to it.

Aerospace & Defense Blog  Military and aerospace electronics news and information.
ANSI  International standards and accreditation activities.
Buzzblog  Intelligence and insight for Network and IT Executives.
CertAssist Consulting  Product Safety information, especially regarding 60950-1 and 61010-1.
Circuit Advisor  Circuit design and troubleshooting.
Compliance Today  Electrical testing and certification news and information.
DfR Solutions Forum  Reliability design and testing.
Digital Dialogue  From the Consumer Electronics Association, sponsor of the Consumer Electronics Show. (Side note: You can meet with MET at CES next week)
EDN Network  59(!) blogs for the electronics community on various topics.
EE Life Blog  Electrical engineering topics from EE Times.
EleBlog  Frequently updated blog on the electrical industry.
Electronics Weekly Blogs  15 blogs, including Certification & Test and Directive Decoder.
EMC Zone  Issues affecting engineers working in the EMC industry.
Emergo Group  Global medical device regulatory updates.
EPN Automotive Electronics Blog  Automotive electronics issues from a European perspective.
EPN Industrial Automation Blog  Industrial automation and controls topics from a European perspective.
EPN Renewable Energy Blog  Info on electronic components and technologies related to solar power, wind power, and other renewable energy sources from a European perspective.
EPN RF & Wireless Blog  Updates on RF/microwave and wireless technology, systems, standards and events from a European perspective.
IEEE Spectrum  5 blogs on nanotech, robots, risk analysis, general tech, and energy.
IEEE Standards Insight  Promotes technology standards and their development.
Instruments for Industry  Information to help RF EMI and EMC test engineers, from an amplifier manufacturer.
Medical Electronics Design  A resource for medical electronics OEMs.
Microwave Journal  A handful of blogs concentrating on microwave and RF technology.
NEMA Currents  Information on electrical grid, safety, energy efficiency, smart grid, and regulation.
Nick’s Fire, Electrical Safety & Security Blog  Common sense security, fire & electrical safety.
OnSafety  Official blog of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.
Pradeep’s Point  A resource for semiconductors, solar PV, telecom, electronics, infocom, components, nanotech, and IT.
Product Safety Blog   Product safety legal issues from Miles & Stockbridge.
Regulatory News Blog  Telecom regulatory news.
Reliability Blog  Electronics reliability engineering.
RFID Journal Blog  RFID industry news and information.
Smart Grid Sherpa  Information on smart grid technologies, from DNV KEMA.
Test and Certification Blog  Product test and certification from an EU perspective.
Test & Measurement World  14 blogs, including The EMC Blog and Eye on Standards.
WeMakeItSafer  Product safety regulations and recall information.

What are your favorite electrical product development blogs?  Please leave a comment with a link to it.

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3 Comments on Top 35 Blogs for Electrical Product Manufacturers

  1. At The Connecting Edge, we cover all kinds of electrical connectivity and circuit protection. Some of our most popular blogs have covered failures caused by ESD as well as electrical appliance failures.

  2. http://www.electricaleasy.com is not exactly an electrical product developer or manufacturer’s blog. But it may be helpful in understanding the basic things in electrical, about electrical machines. For example, testing of transformers, speed control methods of electrical motors, transformer cooling systems and many more. Have a look at it, and see whether it fits in your listing.

  3. I can vouch for Martin. I read The Connecting Edge, it’s good! Now EDN but I will keep reading!

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