The requirements for HVAC/R equipment safety have changed. UL 1995/CSA 22.2 No. 236 has been updated with the release of the 4th edition. This new edition came into effect October 14, 2014. If your products are currently certified to the 3rd edition, you must have your file updated to reflect 4th edition changes.

UL1995 covers a broad range of HVAC/R equipment, including both residential and commercial fan coil units, heat pumps, liquid chillers and more.

Following are some of the significant new testing requirements in the 4th edition:

  • Loading test for ceiling/wall suspended equipment
  • Electric heat back-up protection tests for free air discharge units
  • Hydrostatic pressure test for hot water/steam coils operating at 93°C and below
  • Short-circuit test for some conductors of crankcase heaters
  • Wire flexing tests for high voltage/safety circuit conductors that are periodically moved

Here are important revisions to the motor section of the standard:

  • With exceptions, ungrounded conductors must open on controllers for motor compressors to interrupt current
  • UL 60730 may now be used as a component standard in conjunction with UL 991, UL 1998 and UL 508C for electronically protected motors
  • With exceptions, electrically protected motor circuits must comply with their applicable UL/CSA standards

And here are new testing requirements that apply specifically to components:

  • Air filters and media wheels/plates must comply with flame test requirements of UL 900, which is now spelled out further
  • Contactors used in pressure-limiting circuits must have an endurance rating of 100,000 cycles or more
  • Interlock mechanisms must comply with UL 353/CSA C22.2 No. 55 or meet new cycling requirements

MET Labs is U.S. NRTL OSHA-accredited for UL 1995 and Canada SCC-accredited for CSA 22.2 No. 236, with a reputation for quick and hassle-free safety testing and certification

For new products, contact us for a free Lunchtime Review to discuss the new testing requirements as they apply to your equipment.

For existing equipment safety certified to Edition 3, contact us for a Gap Analysis.  This service evaluates a current file to determine where it stands with respect to the new requirements. The fee varies depending on the complexity of the file to be reviewed.  A portion of this fee can be applied to a project that is opened as a result of a completed gap analysis.

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