Korea, political mapBeginning on January 1, 2016, Korea standards KN32 and KN35 will be replacing KN22 and KN24 for KC EMC approval of IT equipment. After December 31, 2015, KN22/KN24 will no longer be accepted by Korea.

For customers with products that have been KN22/KN24 approved previously, no action is required.  Permissive change applications using KN22/KN24 reports will still be accepted until the end of 2017.

For customers expecting to have testing done in 2016, testing will have to be conducted according to the KN32/KN35 standards, test methods and limits. This typically requires a modest amount of additional testing to meet the new requirements:

  • Radiated immunity: Additional spot frequencies
  • Conducted Immunity: Test Levels are lower in some frequency ranges
  • Surge I/O: Only applies if EUT has outdoor cables

Note: Any product or products containing audio ports and/or containing TV broadcast receivers, FM receivers or modulators are not considered IT products; however, they will still fall under KN32/KN35 as MME, and will require more testing than an IT product.

Now is the time to reserve January 2016 lab time.  Contact us today to guarantee your preferred schedule.  MET Labs is a long-time trusted provider of Korea KC certifications, as well as approvals for over 65 other economies.

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