Partner Corner: What’s New at SIQ

New 9000 square meter facility and MET partnership provide more effective access to North American Certifications

For more than 50 years, SIQ has provided comprehensive services for product testing & certification, management systems assessment, metrology, and training. Located in central Europe – Slovenia, SIQ maintains its international recognition and strong professional reputation through numerous accreditations and memberships in international certification schemes, associations, and their status as a European Notified Body for various EU directives. SIQ also provides support to global partners in order to meet the demands of international markets.

As of August 2017, SIQ’s relocation to their new office is complete. The 9000 square meter facility houses both office space and over 5000 square meters of laboratory space. The new laboratories are among the largest and best-equipped of their kind within the European Union.

SIQ’s Safety & Electromagnetics department, as well as the Gaming Technologies department, have already hit the ground running at their new location. With more than half of the office space dedicated to their state-of-the-art laboratories for comprehensive quality testing of electrical products, SIQ is taking advantage of the new facility to provide advanced testing solutions.

Through their long-time partnership with MET, SIQ is able to provide effective access to North American certifications for gaming manufactures. SIQ is the only gaming laboratory in the world that offers its partners comprehensive solutions that include not only gaming services, but also electromagnetic compatibility & electrical safety testing of devices and assessments of management systems.

Partner Event: Technical Training Seminar

MET Labs will be a guest presenter at SIQ’s fifth International Technical Training Seminar for Safety and EMC Testing. Hosted at the Hotel Lev in Ljubljana, Slovenia from October 12-13, attendees will learn about prevailing compliance topics as it relates to their industry. Topics include:

  • Regulatory requirements in the Persian Gulf
  • Safety and Cybersecurity considerations for appliances
  • EU Medical regulations and requirements
  • Battery and Battery Charging requirements
  • Standard Interpretations & Novelties discussions

Over the course of the two day event, attendees will have the opportunity to interact directly with compliance experts from MET and SIQ. MET will be presenting topics on day two of the seminar, October 13. There will also be a scheduled visit to the new SIQ facility, where attendees will see live demonstrations of measurements.

To register or to learn more about the Technical Training Seminar click here.

| Partner Corner: What’s New at SIQ | October 11, 2017
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