FCC Webinar Series – Promo Offering

FCC Webinar Series – Promo Offering

Thank You: FCC Product Compliance Webinar Promotion

Thank you for your claiming your promotion! By claiming this promotion, you are eligible for a free compliance review and radiated emission pre-scan with the purchase of a full wireless project.

Compliance Assistance: A one-hour meeting, either in-person or over the phone, to review your current or future project and advise on the applicable standards and tests.

Radiated Emission Pre-Scans: A four-hour session within our 3 meter chamber to perform any type of radiated emissions scan within our capability, on any device you choose.

To claim your promotion, complete the form found at the bottom of the page to tell us about your product. A representative will contact you to schedule your project and provide additional information related to your request.

Promotion Conditions:
  • Compliance assistance and Radiated Emissions can only be claimed with a qualifying wireless project.
  • Time limits on pre-scans and compliance assistance will be enforced; additional time will be billed regularly.
  • Purchase order for qualifying wireless project must be submitted before compliance assistance and pre-scans can be performed.

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