Korea’s Radio Research Agency (RRA) has just announced new regulation which will take effect January 24, 2011.

These changed regulations will significantly impact the current approval process for Korea. Listed below is the summary of changes:

  1. The KCC mark and logo will be changed to the KC mark, which will be the only mark for all Korea approvals.  This KC logo will be enforced from January 1, 2011.
  2. From January 24, 2011, four approval options will be changed to three new approvals.

The old approvals were:

  • EMC Approval
  • Telecom Approval
  • Wireless Approval
  • Wireless Registration

The new approvals are:

  • Compliance Approval (wireless products)
  • Type Registration (ITE products and industrial products)
  • Probable Approval (New products and developing products for which RRA does not have test standard)

For ITE, a RRA authorized lab needs to do the testing but there is no need to submit a test report to RRA.

In the case of Industrial products, the manufacturer can do the testing by itself and keep the technical documents for 5 years.

2 Comments on Korea RRA Announces Phase Out of KCC Mark

  1. This is in draft form yet. Nothing has been released by the Korean government gazette or RRA

  2. […] was discussed in a previous post, starting January 24, 2011, the KC (Korea Certification) mark replaced the KCC logo, with a […]

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