IT manufacturers shipping to Europe take note:  Today is the last day for EN60950-1 1st edition. iphone 6 plus remplacement écran Beginning tomorrow, all IT products must show compliance to EN60950-1 2nd edition. Products previously tested to EN60950-1 1st edition will not be grandfathered.

In general, the second edition adds consistency through clarification of either terminology or test methodology.  Here are some of the primary changes:

  • Section – Resistance of Earthing Conductors and Their Terminations – now reflects the North American National Differences in the present CSA/UL 60950-1.
  • Section 2.3.2 – Separation of TNV Circuits from Other Circuits and from Accessible Parts – was necessary as the former standard did not match up with currently-accepted ITE handling of TNV circuits.
  • Section 4.2.11 – Rack Mounted Equipment – has new requirements for evaluating slide rail designs. However, these requirements do not apply to sub-assemblies that are not part of a completed rack/system cabinet.
  • Both Voltage Dependent Resistors (VDR) and Audio Components get expanded attention throughout the new version of the standard.
  • Good news for manufacturers of IT equipment weighing less than 15.4 lbs, as the 10° tilt stability testing will be waived.

| EN60950-1 2nd Edition Takes Effect | August 22, 2016
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