Telcordia Technologies has released the Issue 6 update to GR-1089-CORE, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Electrical Safety – Generic Criteria for Network Telecommunications Equipment.  Issue 6 replaces Issue 5, which dated from August 2009.  

Here is a sneak peak at some of the key updates in the Network Equipment Building System (NEBS) document:

  • Section 3, “Electromagnetic Interference (EMI),” radiated and magnetic emissions requirements have been revised to eliminate testing at frequencies below 30 MHz.
  • Section 4, “Lightning and Power Fault,” includes major revisions to simplify and condense this section.  Many technical issues related to lightning were updated.  Several tables were also combined for this re-issue. 
  • Section 5, “Steady-State Power Induction,” contains several new and revised figures.
  • Appendix A, “Definition of Double-Exponential Waveform and Waveform Characterization,” is expanded to 6 pages, up from 2 pages in Issue 5.
  • Appendix B, “Application Guidelines,” skinnies to 10 (from 17 in Issue 5) the reference section numbers for Applicable Criteria Set B for Network Equipment Ports.
  • Appendix F, “Wireless,” is new.  This appendix lists the minimum wireless product performance parameters that must be monitored during all immunity tests.
  • Test parameters for ground resistivity, fast rise-time surges, and interaction with gas tubes were also updated.

The new document will soon be available on Telcordia’s Information SuperStore.

The key question yet to be answered: When will Verizon and the other RBOCs adopt the Issue 6 document as mandatory for NEBS compliance?  Check back here for updates.

Read more about the requirements of NEBS testing.

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