New Radio (5G) testing services

New Radio (5G) testing services

At Eurofins E&E we provide comprehensive testing services for NR devices. Our team of experts specializes in testing and evaluating  devices to ensure they meet industry standards and perform at their best. Both FR1 and FR2 devices are now within our laboratory’s accreditation scope.

We offer a range of testing services for NR devices, including basic functionality testing, network simulation, interoperability testing, field trials  and more. With cutting-edge technology and industry-leading methods, we provide accurate and reliable results that optimize your devices for the best performance.

 What is NR Testing?

NR testing is the process of testing and evaluating  devices to ensure that they meet industry standards for functionality, interoperability, and performance. As cellular technology continues to evolve, it’s important to test devices to ensure they are fully optimized for the best performance.

At our NR testing lab, we use the latest technology and equipment to perform a variety of tests on NR and legacy technology devices. This includes evaluating the device’s ability to connect to a network, measuring data throughput, and assessing the device’s ability to maintain a connection in multiple network environments.

Currently for the “CTIA Test Plan for Wireless Device Over-the-Air Performance testing” NR Frequency Range 1 (FR1) is normative, the engineering team have conducted multiple projects from device manufacturers which cellular carriers accept to ensure devices on their networks antenna performance meets their requirements.

Ensuring NR Compliance Testing

At Eurofins E&E, we are committed to ensuring that all devices meet industry standards for NR compliance. Our team of experts works closely with clients to ensure that their devices are tested to meet the latest NR compliance for PTCRB and GCF Certification for cellular operators.

We provide comprehensive testing services that help to identify and eliminate any potential issues or bottlenecks that may impact your device’s compliance and performance. With our testing services, you can be confident that your NR devices are fully compliant with industry standards and optimized for the best performance.

Contact us today to learn more about our NR testing and compliance services, and how we can help you ensure that your devices meet industry standards and perform at their best.

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Industries That Benefit from NR Testing Services

NR testing services are needed across a wide range of industries that are using or developing NR technology. Here are some industries that benefit from these services:

  1. Telecommunications: NR is being deployed in telecommunications networks to enable faster data transfer rates and lower latency. Telecommunications companies require NR testing services to ensure that devices on their networks are functioning optimally. The latest smartphones have recorded under ‘live’ tests download speeds of almost 350 Mbps and uploads of over 25 Mbps.
  2. Internet of Things (IoT): With the proliferation of IoT devices, NR networks are becoming increasingly important for connecting and managing these devices. 5G testing services can help ensure that IoT devices are compatible with 5G networks and that they perform as expected. RedCap NR is under development by certification forums and networks to cater for IoT devices which won’t need the full capabilities of a NR network and can work efficiently with reduced capability.
  3. Automotive: The automotive industry is using NR technology for V2X (Vehicle-to-everything) which encompasses 7 vehicle connectivity types including V2N (Network), V2I, (Infrastructure), V2V (Vehicle), V2C (Cloud), V2P (Pedestrian), V2D (Device) and V2G (Grid) vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V). The real benefits of vehicle connectivity will be enhanced traffic safety, time and cost efficiencies, and environmental factors   most of these require low-latency and high reliability. NR testing services can help ensure that these systems are functioning optimally and meeting safety requirements.
  4. Healthcare: NR technology is expected to revolutionize healthcare by enabling real-time remote monitoring and telemedicine. NR testing services can help ensure that healthcare devices and applications are compatible with networks and that they meet regulatory requirements. You may have seen the advert showing actor Tom Lewis being shaved by a NR controlled robotic razor on a mountain, this is leading to the ability to conduct remote surgery along with HD Video link using New Radio Technology
  5. Gaming: NR networks have the revolutionized the gaming industry by enabling real-time multiplayer gaming and high-quality streaming. Our  testing services can help ensure that gaming applications are optimized for  networks and that they provide an best possible end-user experience. With a latency of 1ms and speeds to match NR is changing the face of gaming and increasing a billion dollar industry into one estimated to be worth over half a trillion dollars by 2028.


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