Our Automotive Testing Capabilities »

We’ve worked with some of the most respected names in automotive development to help them ensure electromagnetic compatibility within their vehicles and ultimately take their products to market. We can perform all the necessary evaluations, including EMC, OEM-testing, and Performance evaluations to help you accelerate your automotive product’s journey to market.


What is Automotive Testing?

Automotive testing evaluates the performance and safety of vehicles to ensure that they will operate as expected when exposed to expected environmental conditions and do not present hazards to operators during use. A typical automotive testing evaluation consists of environmental simulations to replicate conditions like rain, salt, ozone, temperature extremes, shock, and vibration; followed by an EMC testing evaluation to ensure that electronic components are free from interference and do not emit unacceptable levels of radiation. These tests are performed on both end-vehicles and components to provide flawless performance and mitigate hazards to the highest possible degree.