The first university-level program focused primarily on product safety managers has graduated its first class.  The Certificate in Product Safety Management was launched as a pilot project, and ran from June through early December.

Participants from manufacturing, retailing, and importing companies are the first holders of the certificate offered by Saint Louis University’s Center for Supply Chain Management Studies in cooperation with ADK Information Services, LLC.  A second course will start January 24 in St. Louis.

The course included a series of workshops and online distance learning modules and webinars, covering all elements of a product safety system:

  • Compliance and regulations
  • Risk management
  • Product safety design
  • Hazard analysis
  • Warnings and labels
  • Standards, certification, and testing
  • Supply chain
  • Data management
  • Product recall management and product retrieval

Participants also prepared presentations on case study topics involving product safety incidents and issues.  See more course content detail.  

For the spring semester, there will be revisions in how some topics are organized, new topics will be added, and future courses will feature expanded opportunities for presentations and team building. There will be greater focus on risk management at each point in the product safety system. More attention will be paid to the unique interests of participant industries: manufacturers, retailers, and importers/exporters. Special webinars addressing timely topics will be included, such as the new CPSC Searchable Public Database.

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