Today’s entry is a follow up to yesterday’s post, which covered the top takeaways from the first day of a two-day industry-sponsored workshop on ENERGY STAR testing and verification for IT equipment.  This entry covers the highlights of the second and last day of the Austin, Texas event.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will make exceptions for enterprise servers, workstations and some imaging equipment for verification testing to be witnessed at a manufacturer lab or location.

Some manufactures went over test procedures and data required for imaging equipment and servers.

ENERGY STAR Certification Bodies (CBs) – like MET Labs – can accept a test report from an accredited EPA-recognized lab for certifying Internal Power Supplies.
It was suggested all benchmarking (for servers and workstations) be performed by the manufacturer (ENERGY STAR partner). As of now, the manufacturer/partner will train and provide input parameters for LINPACK in peak power measurement and provide the benchmark software for their specific architecture/platform.

The EPA will distinguish between features that will have to be verified and those that can be claimed by a manufacture but not verified.

The IT industry requested a 6 month delay in the implementation of the new program because they think all the parties (manufacturers/partners, CBs and EPA) are not ready. They want to get it right rather than soon. The EPA representatives will discuss this with upper management.

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