Tkc markhe Korean Electrical Appliances Safety Control Regulation for KC marking has recently been amended; the new regulation took effect August 1, 2015.

Major changes to the Electrical Appliances Safety Control Act include:

  1. The validity period of self-regulatory safety confirmation registration has been changed from 5 years to as much as 10 years, depending on the risk level assessed.
  2. Products with rated voltage not exceeding 30V AC and 42V DC are now excluded from KC marking unless hazardous effects remain.
  3. The scope of rated voltage of each product regulated has been modified to exclude industrial and specific purpose products.
  4. For cables and cords, switches, and circuit breakers, products for use with AC voltage are only subject to KC mark.
  5. Clarification of product names subject to KC mark.  For example, electrical stove is now classified into “pellet stove” and “electrical stove.”
  6. Revision of particular scopes for batteries, with the intention of improving battery safety.

MET Labs maintains an office in Seoul, Korea that stays abreast of changes to Korea KC mark regulations.  Contact MET Korea directly at 82-31-697-8202 or .  For U.S.-based manufacturers, contact MET here.

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