interior scene of large refineryDue to Europe’s New Legislative Framework, the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC will be replaced by ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU in 2016, for the testing and certification of certain equipment intended for potentially explosive atmospheres in the EU.

From the manufacturer perspective, the changes are not significant, as there are no changes to the Essential Health and Safety Requirements in Annex II of the new directive.  Therefore the directive does not affect the standards that are used, and there are no significant changes in the remainder of the Annexes regarding the conformity assessment procedures for manufacturers.

Here are the most important changes for manufacturers:

  • The EC declaration of conformity must be replaced by an EU declaration of conformity.
  • The EC type examination certificate must be replaced by an EU type examination certificate.
  • Importers are required to put their names and addresses on the products.
  • Manufacturer’s, importer’s and distributor’s responsibilities for traceability and market surveillance are more precisely defined.

Here is what stays the same:

  • CE and ATEX marking requirements.
  • The scope of the directive and its essential health and safety requirements.
  • The conformity assessment procedures.
  • The classification of groups and categories of equipment.

Here is the transition date: On April 19, 2016 Directive 94/9/EC will be abrogated. It remains applicable until this date. From April 20, 2016 the new 2014/34/EU directive will come into force.

Certificates issued according to 94/9/EC remain valid until changes are made affecting the product. In the case of modification, a new certificate with a new number, under Directive 2014/34/EU, must be issued.

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