The only constant?  Change.  Product safety standards are almost always in some state of being updated.  Here is a summary of changes afoot for some of the most popular UL lighting safety standards:

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UL 1598 – Luminaires (Tri-national standard)
The next 2-year revision cycle has started.  CSA (the Publication Coordinator) sent proposals to the Technical Harmonization Committee (THC) Chair and the proposals were reviewed and discussed during the February 2014 CANENA meeting.  Contact MET for the status of UL 1598A (Marine Vessel Installation) or UL 1598B (Reflector Kits).

UL 1993 – Self-Ballasted Lamps and Lamp Adapters (Tri-national standard)
The next revision cycle has started.  Multiple proposals went out, and comments have been sent to the THC for review and input.  Here is a summary of topics.

UL 935 – Fluorescent-Lamp Ballasts (10th edition)
Proposals went out for 1) the addition of requirements for ballasts intended to be dimmed using solid-state dimming controls electrically wired in series with the mains supply and 2) revising the arcing test method in Section 30.  The revisions were published on August 7, 2014.  For the tri-national standard, the draft of Part 1 (covering general construction and test requirements) is being reviewed by the CANENA Harmonization Committee (THC34/SC34C). The Part 2 documents, which will include specific requirements for the various product types, still need to be developed.

UL 1786 – Direct Plug-In Nightlights (Bi-national standard)
The next revision cycle has started.  Multiple proposals went out.  Here is a summary of topics.

UL 1838 – Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Systems
A proposal went out for a revision to ambient temperature measurement method.

UL 48 – Electric Signs
Proposals went out for 1) clarification of drain opening requirements, 2) grounding and bonding marking, 3) addition of requirements for laminated or organic-coated glass and revision to test method, and 4) addition of requirements for signs with photovoltaic systems or modules.  Three out of the four topics gained consensus – grounding and bonding marking did not.  Revision pages will be issued in the near future.  In development is a proposed 1st edition for UL 48B (Changing Message Signs and Displays).

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