Eurofins E&E North America has been Authorized by the CTIA as a Test Laboratory (ATL) for the Test Plan for Wireless Device Over-the-Air Performance latest version 3.9.2 and the Test Plan for RF Performance Evaluation of Wi-Fi® Mobile Converged Devices version 2.2.1 released this month.


Santa Clara Testing Facility is an Authorized Test Laboratory for Test Plan for Wireless Device Over-the-Air Performance Version 3.9.2 and the Test Plan for RF Performance Evaluation of Wi-Fi® Mobile Converged Devices.

Eurofins Electrical and Electronics (E&E) North America- part of the Eurofins global network of premier testing, inspection, and certification laboratories, has been awarded the status of Authorized Test Laboratory (ATL) for Over-the-Air-Performance-Testing for the latest updated versions.

CTIA Certification developed the industry standard for OTA performance testing of wireless devices. The test plans thoroughly measure the expected real-world performance of a device in a simulated laboratory environment. They accurately determine the transmit and receive efficiency of a device’s antenna(s). Network operators throughout the world rely on CTIA Certification’s OTA performance testing to ensure devices operating on their networks will meet the performance expectations demanded by consumers and businesses.

As a formally listed ATL, members of the Eurofins E&E team will work alongside customers and network operators to supply results from device testing. The service will allow Eurofins to assist clients who make use of the FCC and PTCRB certification services, a prerequisite of multiple carriers.

The wireless team at Eurofins E&E North America has a vast amount of experience, with the wireless testing capabilities and customer base growing exponentially since Eurofins E&E first launched the service last year. Wireless services can now be delivered globally with dedicated laboratories in Germany, the US, and Asia, allowing global and regional customers to access these services quickly and efficiently.


CTIA Test Plan for Wireless Device OTA V3.9.2 update overview:

  • Incorporated LTE Bands 71, 46, 48
  • Corrected LTE Band 13 frequencies
  • Updated 2CA and 3CA DL combinations related to Band 48, CA_25A-25A, CA_2A-2A-4A, and CA_25A-41C.
  • Allows full TIS measurements may be substituted for relative sensitivity measurements.
  • LTE LAA LTE LAA Downlink Carrier Aggregation section added.
  • MU for wrist-worn device tested added and test methodology clarified.
  • Updated test applicability for LTE Cat-M1 and LTE Cat-NB1
  • Testing of Cellular Desense due to Simultaneous Operation of 802.11 Radios for Integrated Devices
  • Added Phantom Testing >3GHz.
  • NR FR1 standalone introduced.


CTIA CWG Wi-Fi® Mobile Converged Devices V2.2.1 update overview:

  • Updated Wi-Fi Sub-Band titles for 802.11a/n.
  • Updated measurement uncertainty requirements for 2.4 and 5GHz band.
  • Updated minimum measurement distance requirements for 2.4 and 5GHz bands.
  • Updated hand phantom selection guidelines.
  • Removed all references to Wi-Fi Channel 14.

These services demonstrate the commitment of Eurofins E&E to the industry and to helping provide end-users of devices and network operators with the clear RF measurements indicating performance that they need.

For further information on our wireless services, please contact our Santa Clara team at

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