This entry was written in Seoul, Korea, where MET Laboratories RFID Hardware Conformance Programs Manager Dusmantha Tennakoon attended the DASH7 Alliance Winter Member Meeting, and the RFID USN Korea 2010 International Exhibition & Conference

First up was the DASH7 meeting:

  • There were about 16 participants representing 9 companies on-site, with other members dialing in.
  • Dusmantha gave a presentation on certification v2.0.  MET Laboratories will offer certification testing to Mode 2 in 2011.
  • DASH7 President Pat Burns gave a presentation that emphasized the importance of certification and interoperability. Interoperability test cases MET developed will be submitted to ISO for approval. It will be the first ever ISO interoperability specification.
  • The National Instruments test system was successfully demoed using a Savi Technology RFID tag.
  • There was discussion about having the next DASH7 meeting in China or Japan. 

Next was the RFID USN Korea Exhibition & Conference:

  • Over 20,000 people registered for the exhibition.
  • Pat Burns of DASH7 gave the keynote.  He emphasized that 433 MHz will be used in smart cards and smart phones in conjunction with NFC (13.56 MHz) for loyalty programs, access control, etc.  Since 433.92 MHz is a harmonic of 13.56, it is possible to use the same antenna with the same radio design. There is no need to have separate radios, so there is no significant BoM addition.
  • VI Service Network (VISN) Co. Ltd and National Instruments were awarded DASH7-Qualified Test Equipment certificates for the first recognized test system for testing DASH7 products. The system was validated by MET Laboratories and the DASH7 Testing and Certification Work Group.  Sean Thompson, National Instruments RFID Segment Manager and Hui Shao, VISN Chief Engineer, received certificates.
  • Savi Technology received DASH7 certificates for the first certified readers and tags to the ISO 18000-7 standard.  These certificates were developed by MET Laboratories and signed by Pat Burns and MET President Rob Frier. 

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