Case Study: Eurofins MET Labs New Reverb Chamber

reverb chamberThis case study provides a detailed overview of Eurofins MET Labs new reverb chamber. The new chamber has expanded testing capabilities to include radiated immunity testing to a number of standards.

With over 60 years of experience, Eurofins MET Labs offers a comprehensive range of regulatory compliance services including (but not limited to) product safety certification, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), environmental simulation, radio and wireless approvals, global market access and on-site field evaluation.

To expand their test capabilities, ETS-Lindgren designed and installed a turn-key SMART™ 80 (Statistical Mode Averaging Reverberation Test-Site) chamber. SMART chambers feature a superb electromagnetic environment (EME). Compared to other test methods, SMART chambers are lower cost, have higher field-to-input power ratios, and accept large test objects/systems in comparison to anechoic chambers of similar size.

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