About the MET Mark

About the MET Mark

There are several types of MET Certification Marks, described below. Each has its own specific meaning and significance.

The MET marks may only be used on or in connection with products certified by MET. A drawing of the MET Mark must be submitted and approved before the project approval letter can be issued. The MET Mark may appear in any size provided that the artwork dimensions are not less than 0.25 inch in diameter, and all required text is clearly legible. The MET Mark is required to contain the appropriate artwork, the certification number and either the standard numbers or category text issued by MET. Artwork is provided below to help in the creation of the drawing and future labels.

NRTL/MET-C Product Certifications may be marked with one of the following:

Component Recognitions may be marked with one of the following:

Classifications may be marked with one of the following:

The MET Classified mark is used on products which MET Labs has evaluated for a limited range of hazards, or suitability for use under limited or special conditions. Example: The product is not investigated for all the hazards called out by the Part 1 or Part 2 standard, so it is not in full compliance with all applicable requirements of the standard. In this case, the mark includes the statement of what hazards were assessed and covered by the classification.

In some cases the Classification mark is used for product certifications where a product does not clearly fit within the scope of a single product safety standard. In these cases, if we can determine that a product complies with relevant requirements from several standards and wiring codes in order to determine suitability for a particular application, MET will use the Classification mark to indicate compliance.

MET/MET-C Product Certifications may be marked with one of the following: