Certification Capabilities

Certification Capabilities

Eurofins MET Labs is active in the following product certification programs:

Although product certification may appear arduous, there are elements that are common to each certification program.  Our experts make certification as simple as possible and help you navigate each step of the process.

Eurofins MET Labs’ 8-Step Certification Process:

  1. Applicants contact us requesting information for certification services.
  2. We review product information to confirm it can perform the certification and provides the Applicant a Quote for Certification Services.
  3. The Applicant provides us a purchase order, technical documentation, a product sample, and other information required by the specific certification scheme.
  4. We send the Applicant a Certification Agreement Package specific to the intended certification scheme and begins testing and/or evaluation of the product or submitted technical materials.
  5. The Applicant returns the signed agreements package.
  6. We conclude the evaluation of the product.  Upon resolution of any findings, if any, the application and product information is presented to the specific program’s certification committee.
  7. Following approval by the Certification Committee, Eurofins prepares certification paperwork making available any certificates, grants, or other data to the applicant and regulatory agencies as may be required.
  8. We later begins surveillance of the product for continued compliance and certification.  This may take the form of factory inspections or randomized testing depending on the post-market surveillance requirements of the product’s certification.


Contact us for more information specific to each certification program