The IECEE is a multilateral certification system based on standards prepared by the International Electrotechnical Commission. Its members use the principle of mutual recognition (reciprocal acceptance) of test results for obtaining certification or approval at the national level.

The IECEE makes international trade in electrical and electronic equipment easier and less costly by reducing technical barriers to trade. A typical example of a technical barrier is differing certification requirements in various countries. IEC International Standards and the IECEE help to eliminate these technical barriers because electrical equipment manufactured to IEC standards and tested within the IECEE system ensure the same high level of safety, no matter where these products are made and tested. Quality and performance are also built into these products because they are based on IEC standards.

The IECEE designates the NCBs within each country that will be responsible for recognizing and issuing test reports and certificates.

Working with MET: A US-Based NCB

There is a constant need for credible organizations to provide this service to manufacturers worldwide to help save both time and money, thus reducing overall manufacturing costs. MET is looking to expand its worldwide network by helping established test labs become a CBTL (CB Testing Laboratory) under the MET NCB.

If you are a test lab with capabilities to test to any of the following national or international product standards with an established quality system, you may be eligible to become a CBTL for MET.

  • IT and office equipment (OFF)
  • Electronics, entertainment (TRON)
  • Measuring instruments (MEAS)
  • Electrical equipment for medical use (MED)

Benefits of Operating as a MET CBTL

  • MET will work closely with your organization to prepare for the CBTL audit
  • Local support and quick turnaround on report and certificate issuance
  • MET CBTLs can offer not only CB certificates, but also North American safety & EMC testing that can lead to certification
  • Joint business plan and competitive pricing strategy
  • Priority consulting and staff training

For further information, please contact:

John O’Donnell