Categories & Standards

Categories & Standards

Eurofins MET Labs’ Product Safety Categories & Standards

eurofins MET Labs formerly MET Laboratories is the nation’s first Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) – a responsive and recognized leader for manufacturers seeking North American product safety certification.

The Eurofins MET Labs product safety certification mark on a product is recognized by federal and local authorities having jurisdiction, the retail community, project managers, and the consumer as a product meeting the mandated requirement of compliance to applicable national safety standards.

Our NRTL status is the culmination of MET’s determined effort to have the federal government create a fair and open market for product safety certification laboratories.

We currently have  OSHA approval to test and certify to over 180 product categories. Click below to view these categories.
Standards Under the NRTL Program


In addition to MET NRTL certifying to over 180 UL Standards categories, MET also tests to 230+ additional standards. Click below to view these categories.
Non-NRTL Testing Standards


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