We are a highly-regarded resource for electrical inspection agencies within the United States and Canada to assure product safety compliance of unlabeled equipment in the field.

Field evaluations are performed throughout North America from our strategically-located Inspection Centers to support the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).


How we respond to a field inspection request:
  1. We take your call or quickly respond to your email.
  2. The Authority Having Jurisdiction is notified.
  3. The field evaluation is performed on equipment to assess the hazards in accordance with the U.S. standard or the Canadian standard for the specific category of equipment.
  4. We will explain what modifications are needed – if any – to bring the equipment into compliance with the inspection requirements.
  5. Once the equipment is determined to be compliant with the requirements, the final report will be issued quickly.
  6. A copy of the inspection report is provided to the AHJ for the necessary approval in accordance with the requirement of the N.E.C./C.E.C.
  7. A serialized label is affixed to the equipment after it is determined the product complies with the standard.