FCC TCB Services

FCC TCB Services

FCC TCB Program

Eurofins E&E North America provides a single point of contact for your project, from testing to certification.

As a TCB, Eurofins performs the evaluation of testing for radio and telephone equipment that was previously the sole responsibility of the FCC. Eurofins is authorized to issue Grants of Equipment Authorization for any equipment for which there is a defined rule part and procedure within Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations. Following the issuance of this grant, the grantee will be free to begin marketing the device in the United States.

Eurofins now offers immediate TCB filing and certification through ACTA Online Filing. This service allows TCBs to electronically file TTE information to ACTA for including in the centralized database of approved Part 68 equipment.

ACTA Online Filing cuts weeks from the old submission process, and makes it possible for Eurofins customers to make their products available immediately upon filing. Eurofins can file Original, Modifications, Notice of Change, Re-approval or Re-certification documents. Eurofins can also apply for Responsible Part Codes (RPCs) instantly, on an as-needed basis. To access forms needed for this process email us.

See products certified by MET under the FCC TCB program.

Industry Canada CB Program

As a Certification Body for Industry Canada, Eurofins evaluates radio equipment to the appropriate RSS standards and certifies the equipment in the form of a grant for Industry Canada. Through accreditation by appropriate authorities, Eurofins continues to expand its scope by demonstrating the ability to test to new and updated standards.