Regulatory changes and demanding testing procedures put RF product manufacturers under pressure to adhere to updated market requirements. We help you navigate the complex process of complying with radio performance testing requirements to ensure your RFID products are compliant, compatible, and reliable.

As an FCC-recognized TCB (Telecommunications Certification Body), a Certification Body (CB) for ISED (formerly Industry Canada), Notified body under the RED Directive, We can provide end-to-end testing and certification for your RFID products including pre-compliance testing, certification testing & documentation, and regulatory body liaison services.

We conduct regulatory RFID product safety and EMC testing for all major world markets.

RFID Testing

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) testing is a crucial process in evaluating the performance and functionality of RFID systems. The purpose of RFID testing is to ensure that RFID systems meet industry standards and regulations and are reliable and accurate in their intended environment.

Types of RFID Testing

  • Compatibility Testing
  • Range Testing
  • Antenna Testing
  • Tag Testing
  • Interference Testing

Objectives of RFID Testing

  • Ensure compatibility of RFID systems with different frequencies, protocols, and other components.
  • Evaluate the maximum range of RFID systems.
  • Evaluate the performance of RFID antennas.
  • Evaluate the performance of RFID tags.
  • Evaluate the impact of other RF devices and systems on the performance of RFID systems.

Equipment and Environment

RFID testing can be performed using various equipment, including RFID readers, antennas, and testing software. It can be performed in a laboratory, field, or real-world environment.

Importance of RFID Testing

The results of RFID testing can be used to identify potential issues and improve the performance and functionality of RFID systems. RFID testing is an essential aspect of product development and certification, and is critical to ensuring the reliability and performance of RFID systems in real-world conditions.