Global Telecom Testing

Global Telecom Testing

MET Labs has the test equipment and know how to test virtually any telecom product to any regulatory standard for any market.

Following are the most popular standards we test to, but it is not an exhaustive list.

Country Standards
Argentina CNC-St2-44.01 V02.1.1
Australia AS/ACIF S002; AS/ACIF S003; AS/ACIF S016; AS/ACIF S041.1; AS/ACIF S041.2; AS/ACIF S043.1; AS/ACIF S043.2; AS/CA S002; AS/CA S003.1; AS/CA S003.2; AS/CA S003.3
Brazil NET 001/92; Resolution 392; Resolution 473
Canada CS-03 (Analog, Digital, xDSL)
China YD/T 514-1998 (Analog)
ETSI (Europe) ETSI EG 201 121 V1.1.3; ETSI ES 202 913 V1.2.2; ETSI ES 203 021; ETSI TS 101 270-1 V1.4.1; ETSI TS 101 388 V1.4.1; TBR 4; TBR 12; TBR 13; TBR 15; TBR 17; TBR 21
Hong Kong HKTA 2011 (Analog); HKTA 2017 (Digital)
India IR/FAX-01; S/INT-2 W/02 (Analog)
Israel MOC 023/96 (Analog)
ITU-T (International) ITU-T G.703.2001 (Digital); ITU-T G.823.2000 (E1); ITU-T G.991.2; ITU-T G.992.1; ITU-T G.992.3; ITU-T G.992.5; ITU-T G.993.1; ITU-T G.993.2; ITU-T Q.552
Japan JATE (1.5M); JATE (2M); JATE (Analog)
Korea MIC Notification No. 2004-15 (Analog TE)
Malaysia SKMM FTS PSTN (Analog)
Mexico NOM-152 (Digital 2M)
New Zealand PTC 200; PTC 220; TNA 134 (ISDN)
Philippines NTC TES 1; NTC TES 4
South Africa DPT-TE-001 (Analog)
Taiwan ADSL01; PSTN01
USA TIA-968-B (Analog, Digital, xDSL); FCC Part68

Industry Canada

In 1982, MET became one of the first labs licensed by Industry Canada to perform certification testing. MET tests products and submits the required documentation to Industry Canada in accordance with the Canadian regulations CS-03.

To access forms needed for Canadian certification, email us.

European Market

The European Commission’s Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive (R&TTE Directive) frees the manufacturer of telecommunications equipment from relying on government appointed Notified Bodies in order to sell their equipment in Europe. Under the R&TTE Directive, manufacturers can now self-certify, relying on the test lab of their choice to verify compliance to harmonized ETSI TBR standards. MET clients can now simultaneously test to European ETSI standards while testing in North America for Canadian and FCC certification.

Read about how the R&TTE Directive is being replaced by the Radio Equipment Directive (RED).

Hong Kong

All three of MET’s laboratories have Recognized Testing Agency (RTA) status with Hong Kong’s OFTA (Office of Telecommunications Authority). All three locations are allowed to conduct evaluation tests of analogue and digital wireline equipment.

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