Helping you determine the root cause of product failures and evaluate products against industry competition and standards

We provide third-party verification and support for claims related to performance versus competition, root product failure cause, and benchmark industry performance. As an independent laboratory with over 60 years of product testing experience, our expertise helps you evaluate products for a variety of performance related characteristics. Additionally, we can provide expert witness legal testimony for insurance claims, CPSC filings, and civil/criminal court cases through our testing results and data.

Benchmark Testing

If there is uncertainty about the performance of a product against industry or regulatory standards, a benchmark testing evaluation can determine if requirements have been met. Alternatively, a product may meet or exceed custom requirements. Benchmark testing provides proof that those requirements are met.

Competitive Analysis

A competitive analysis is an independent evaluation of two or more competing products to determine performance advantages and disadvantages between the two. A competitive analysis helps determine which product performs better in a controlled laboratory setting and allows manufacturers to verify that their product outperforms competition.

While a manufacturer can conduct a competitive analysis themselves, their testing data is often overshadowed by their stake in the results. By using a testing laboratory like MET to evaluate performance against competitors, manufacturers can support their claims with an independent, third-party verification from a trusted testing source.

Failure Analysis

If a product fails due to unknown reasons or before its estimated lifespan, a failure analysis can explain how and why the product failed. From this data, manufacturers can identify engineering, material and usage flaws that allow them to improve the product design or fix the problem in later generations. This allows for product improvements to be made during estimated lifespan of a product to eliminate expected failures before they occur.

Additionally, a third-party failure analysis provides expert testimony in litigation claims involving insurance, civil/criminal court cases, or CPSC filings. If a failure analysis is used as expert testimony, the analysis must be performed by an accredited, independent and recognized testing laboratory to ensure an unbiased testing report.

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