Helping you evaluate drop and impact resistance for packages and products

Drop testing helps ensure that packaging and products are not damaged from drops or impacts during shipping or regular use. The drop test helps manufacturers identify and eliminate areas of design weakness, while proving the performance of compliant packaging or products.

We help you prevent impact damage to your products and packages by performing drop testing according to your product compliance needs. Whether your product is intended for consumers, retailers or military applications, we have the capabilities to evaluate the resistance to drops and impacts. Our laboratory can simulate the effect of drops under various environmental conditions to give you a complete picture of the impact resistance of your product or packaging.

All manufacturers should perform drop testing to evaluate the effectiveness of their shipping techniques. Manufacturers that do not perform drop testing are highly likely to deliver damaged goods or packages to their destinations, resulting in costly warranty claims, lost profits, and poor consumer confidence.


Related Standards
  • GR-63
  • GR-326
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  • ASTM D5276
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  • MIL-STD 810
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