Fires are one of the most dangerous byproducts of product failures or environmental conditions. Flame testing helps manufacturers verify that their products, components and materials are acceptably resistant to fires and ignition based on their environment of intended use.

We perform flame testing under a variety of environmental and climatic conditions to evaluate your products and materials for fire resistance, flame spread, and reactions to fire according to industry and regulatory standards. Products that are not compliant with applicable fire standards may not only be ineligible for markets of intended sale, but also may place legal burden on the manufacturer in the case of critical failure resulting in financial losses or user injury/death.

Our laboratory capabilities allow manufacturers to verify their designs and materials for fire resistance individually, or combine flame testing with other climatic conditions to provide a full picture of equipment performance under any condition. Additionally, our field capabilities allow us to inspect and verify your installation according to NFPA standards.


Related Standards
  • GR-63
  • GR-326
  • GR-409
  • GR-487
  • GR-771
  • GR-950
  • GR-1081
  • GR-2898
  • ASTM D2863
  • ASTM D56
  • ASTM E119
  • TR-TSY-000949
  • ANSI T1.319-2002
  • Verizon VZ TPR 9305

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