Utility Product and Vendor Evaluations

Learn how to evaluate meter vendors, ensure meter accuracy, and prove long-term measurement reliability for revenue meters

Utility companies need the tools to evaluate their revenue meters to prevent inaccurate billing cycles. Whether installing smart meters or evaluating different meter vendors, Utility companies need to consider a number of factors that can influence performance and accuracy.

MET can help you develop a program to effectively evaluate your meters before they’re installed in the field. Our extensive experience in meter testing allows us to advise you on proper evaluation techniques, functionality considerations, and ultimately develop a set of criteria that meets your accuracy, safety and performance needs.

Our meter experts will meet with you to discuss your requirements for revenue-generating meters and help you develop an efficient, cost-effective plan for evaluating your criteria. From full meter certification to component verification, we have the capability to help you prevent measurement accuracy and avoid under-performing meters or vendors.

We can also help you effectively transition to smart meter technology. Smart meters present additional electromagnetic compatibility considerations to ensure consistent, accurate measurements. MET has the knowledge and experience to evaluate your installation strategy for component, system and environmental electromagnetic influences to maintain measurement accuracy during all phases of the smart meter transition.

The key questions utilities ask:

  • Will meters retro-fitted with AMR and AMI modules adversely affect accuracy and billing generation?
  • How do you validate the manufacturer’s data?
  • How do you validate new vendors and create a level playing field?
  • How will meters perform under diverse environmental conditions?

View a full list of MET’s Meter Testing & Certification capabilities here.