As meter technology races forward, modern smart meters have grown from simple measurement tools into automated, wireless reading devices. With these technological changes, meter and meter component testing considerations have expanded to include stringent EMC, product safety and environmental requirements.

We verify the performance and accuracy of your gas, electric or water meters to ensure consumers and utility companies are accurately charged for utilities provided. Our third-party verification ensures that all meters undergo a fair and unbiased testing process to guarantee consistently accurate measurements within the standardized acceptable margin of error. Performance and safety considerations are also evaluated to verify the environmental hardiness and mitigate hazards for end-users.

Our single-source laboratories can perform extensive testing on a variety of components and meters to determine compliance to global standards. With capabilities to test all metering equipment at one location, Our streamlined testing process accelerates manufacturer’s time-to-market by performing accuracy, performance, & safety testing, pre-testing, and failure analysis under a single testing plan.

Modern smart meters may require additional testing considerations to account for electronic measurement and communication components. In addition to accuracy testing, we can also test the electromagnetic compatibility, environmental hardiness and safety of meters to prevent measurement failures, achieve compliance to performance standards, and ensure safety through hazard mitigation.

Meter Testing Capabilities

Through our end-to-end testing solutions, we evaluate your products to any condition and help you navigate growing complexities in metering compliance to bring your products from development to end use faster and more cost-effectively.


How do you evaluate multiple vendors? How do you know the results are accurate? Can you trust manufacturer-provided data on tests performed? Our independent evaluations help you ensure the accuracy, reliability and safety of your meters and sub-meters.

Sub-Meter Testing

Ensure the performance, accuracy and safety of sub-meters and their distribution systems with our end-to-end product verification solutions and third party meter testing plans to take your meters to market faster and cost effectively.

Meter Certification Program

For nearly 40 years, we have been testing electricity meters. Our certification program helps utility companies and manufacturers prove the performance of their meters before they are installed as revenue measurement devices.