Obtaining meter certifications for international market acceptance has grown from simple accuracy testing to comprehensive performance testing for electromagnetic compatibility, environmental hardiness and wireless connectivity. As meters continue to incorporate additional wireless functionality, manufacturers are under pressure to meet expanded requirements for certification and market acceptance.

We help you verify the performance of meters during accelerated pre-testing to identify areas of failure before completing a full certification test program, saving you testing costs and time-to-market.

Our meter pre-testing is conducted with the highest failure rate tests, helping you to ensure that your product is prepared to meet the most stringent certification requirements. While no pre-testing program can guarantee certification, manufacturers can significantly increase their chances by identifying areas of failure early in the testing process. Additionally, MET will discount the final cost of certification by the cost of the pre-test program.

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Benefits of Meter Pre-Testing with MET:
  • Meet with MET to discuss your products needs
  • Get feedback from experienced test engineers
  • Report including test results and data
  • Discounted certification if pre-testing is performed
  • Four hours of free debugging and compliance assistance
  • Accelerated testing for worst-case scenarios