In order to deliver safe and high-performing electric vehicles, manufacturers must be aware of all applicable component, infrastructural and OEM requirements to ensure long-term battery performance and compatibility with new charging equipment. If components are not evaluated properly, it can cause battery failures and danger to vehicle operators in hazardous conditions.

We provide testing, evaluation, and certification to regional and international electric vehicle standards. Whether a component or full system, MET can help you determine what standards apply to your vehicle and develop a custom testing plan to help you reach your intended markets.

Our laboratories are capable of replicating a variety of environmental conditions, such as temperature extremes, salt, ozone, vibration, shock, and impact to simulate hazards that may arise during vehicle transportation or operation. We maintain a global laboratory presence and international recognition by authoritative bodies to help you reach your intended market efficiently and cost-effectively.


Related Testing Standards and Regulation:
  • CISPR 25
  • IEC 60068-2-11
  • IEC 60068-2-60
  • IEC 61000-4-4
  • IEC 61000-4-5
  • IEC/EN 62660-1
  • IEC/EN 62660-2
  • IEC/EN 61982-2
  • IEC/EN 61982-3
  • IEC 61851
  • IEC 62196
  • IP 6K
  • IP 9K
  • ISO 7637-2
  • ISO 7637-3
  • ISO 10605
  • ISO 11452-2
  • ISO 11452-4
  • ISO 23273
  • ISO 6469
  • FMVSS 305
  • UL 2251
  • SAE J2344
  • SAE J1776
  • SAE J2578
  • SAE J2464
  • SAE J2929
  • SAE J1772
  • SAE J2380

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